Contact Brian

The Fast Way

Text Message

The fastest way to reach Brian is to text him at ‪(206) 580-3433‬. Use this method for urgent matters. He usually gets back to you within five minutes to 24 hours. (But if you call this number, it goes straight to voicemail and you might never get a reply.)

The Usual Way


Use this for routine matters. Brian checks his email at least three times a week.  Use the form below (which flags the message as a priority above most of the other stuff that lands in Brian's inbox). 

If you need me to see the message soon, also send me a text message (see above) to alert me about the email message you sent. Be sure to include the subject line from the email message.

The Deep Way

Quick Video Call

If you need a real-time conversation, let's get on a video call. Pick a time that suits your schedule.

Other Ways to Connect