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Sarah D.,
White Pine Leadership Collective

Brian was one of the first g2g Champions at Google and was instrumental in scaling the overall g2g program to more than 11,000 Googlers globally. His energy, passion for learning, and good humor created a welcoming environment for new g2g'ers that focused on growth and community. Brian is all about helping teams to do their best work together, and that focus really comes through in how he approaches both team development and community building work.  

Garrett H.

Brian coached me on how to be effective in a work environment where priorities and assignments are constantly changing. He has a wealth of experience and in addition to his sound advice, he was able to quickly refer me to additional resources that could help me grow professionally. In our session, Brian took the time to build rapport with me and to understand my questions. I would definitely recommend him as a mentor and coach! 

George A.,
Internet Free Planet

Brian has the ability to teach without making you feel inferior.  There were many times Brian explained to me a technical concept that was basic to him, but “other-worldly” to me.  He patiently kept explaining, with examples and alternating methods, until I got it.  He never made me feel less than able to learn. 

Lindsay G.,
A Life of Options

Brian has an incredible dedication to developing the people around him, whether it's individuals or teams. He always exhibited thoughtfulness around researching and understanding new ways of doing things and he always had incredible resources and tools to share. When we worked together, Brian was continually looking for ways to support me and connecting me with incredible resources that really made a difference for me.

Brian is doing the important work of helping organizations implement new ways of working. When we talk about evolving work, we know that the "how" is just as important as the "what". Brian instinctively gets this. He brings humility, curiosity and openness to the work even though he has heaps of experience and knowledge.

-- Cara M., Organization Development Consultant and Coach 

Brian has worked with many organizations, such as:


University of Washington

US Forest Service